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‘Preferred Bunch’ Maintenance

Having your furnace and air conditioner maintained on a yearly basis is vital to the longevity and performance of your equipment. Professional upkeep can greatly reduce the cost of repairs, and reduce the chance of equipment failure.

Like many other heating and cooling companies, we too offer a service agreement for your convenience and benefit. Unlike our competitors however, we are transparent in the cost of our agreement. Shop around with other HVAC companies, and you will see that their agreements depend on the type of equipment you have. Others offer cheap maintenance plans, but hit you with high repair costs. These hidden fares can significantly increase your cost of maintenance. At Bunch Heating & Cooling, we offer a standard price based on the length of your agreement, and it would go against our mission and principles to up sell parts that do not need repaired.

Benefits of Membership

  • Semi-Annual Equipment Servicing
    • Spring – Air Conditioner
    • Fall – Furnace
  • 15% off Repair Parts and Filters
  • Priority Scheduling for Emergencies
  • Transferable Agreement
  • Access to Promotional Offers and Discounts
  • No Hassle Maintenance Scheduling (We remind you each season)
  • Extended Equipment Life

Membership Pricing for Boise, Meridian & Eagle


(prices may vary if you are outside of our typical service zone)

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