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Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioner/Air Conditioning Service

When air conditioning problems arise, expenses are sure to add up. At Bunch Heating & Cooling, our goal is to reduce the risk of equipment failure by performing timely air conditioner servicing. Like a vehicle which needs to be tuned-up, so does your air conditioner. There are many reasons why it is necessary for you to service your air conditioning system, and there are many benefits from doing so regularly. Outside of costly repairs, benefits of annual air conditioner servicing includes:

  • Efficient system operation
  • Consistent comfort
  • Reduced utility cost
  • Longer system life expectancy
  • Peace of mind

‘Preferred Bunch’ Maintenance 

In order to keep costs low, and systems running as efficiently as possible, Bunch Heating & Cooling offers the ‘Preferred Bunch’ Maintenance package. Customers who participate in our annual service packages have experienced reduced air conditioner repair costs, increased equipment life, hassle free scheduling, and convenient equipment servicing. Through our more than 70 years of air conditioner servicing experience, our technicians know the major problems that systems face. Our goal is to prevent these issues from occurring through preventative tune-up and maintenance. When you want your air conditioner serviced in a responsive, careful, and customer-centered fashion, give Bunch Heating & Cooling a call at 208-375-4855.

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